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SKYCADDIE SX500 GPS RANGEFINDER with Free 1 Year Birdie Membership Plan

£368.95 GBP

Skycaddie map every course in their database on foot using the most accurate technology to ensure that the yardages it gives you are spot on to within 1 yard. Skycaddie have the most comprehensive and accurate library of courses worldwide of any golf rangefinder on the market.

The SX500 display is by far and away the largest and clearest of any golf GPS rangefinder, its interactive with a touch screen hole view. Responsive and precise to get the yardages you need quickly and easily.

Skycaddie have made the SX500 water resistant

The SX500 can easily be switched between screens to get an in depth look at the green when you need it or a birds eye view of the hole to show every hazard and feature. The touch screen allows you to get a yardage to any point on the hole.

Impressive screen size