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SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Golf Watch

£199.00 GBP

SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Golf Watch

Introducing the all-new SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Golf Watch for the easiest and most powerful way to measure distance on the golf course.

With a more compact screen than the LX5 at just 1.28-inches, the JDI power saving, touch screen offers fantastic readability in even the brightest sunlight with a highly responsive interface that makes navigating during play almost touch free. The LX2 GPS is pre-loaded with over 35,000-course maps – all ground-verified and error-corrected for unparalleled accuracy. This ‘next generation’ SkyCaddie technology delivers the all-important data you need to play your best golf, providing accurate and dynamic distances to the front, centre and back of the green.

The LX2 is packed is packed with features to help you play your best golf. These include a digital scorecard that tracks your stats, fitness step counter, stopwatch, and pace-of-play timer. It is a smart and comfortable watch that looks stylish both on and off the course.

Yardages you can trust thanks to the impressive SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Golf Watch. 

  • 35,000+ Ground-Verified Course Maps
  • Dynamic Front-Centre-Back
  • Intuitive 1.28-inch (3.25 cm) Touch Screen Display
  • Unbeatable Sunlight Readability
  • Auto-Course Recognition & Auto-Hole Advance
  • Digital Scorecard & Stats
  • Measure Shot Distances
  • 10 Alarm Settings, Stopwatch & Timer
  • Fitness Step Counter
  • Pace-Of-Play Timer
  • Upgradable Dynamic Holevue® With Zoom
  • Upgradable Dynamic Rangevue®
  • Upgradable Intelligreen® Technology
  • Upgradable Skycaddie Pinpoint® Technology