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SkyCaddie Linx GT Tour Edition

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SkyCaddie Linx GT Tour Edition

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The SkyCaddie LINX GT is the first GPS watch on the market with a built in club tag sensor to track the club, location and distance of each shot. The watch wirelessly syncs with SkyCaddie Mobile in real time, displaying your shots in vivid HD. The LINX GT watch’s TruePoint GPS engine replaces your smartphone’s location services, increasing accuracy by up to 300% over all other golf GPS apps... and conserves your phone’s battery too.


  • Preloaded with 35,000 course maps, ready-to-play, worldwide
  • Get accurate, real-time distances to bunkers, carries, water, end of fairway, green targets and more!
  • See the true shape of each green and get critical distances from your angle of approach with IntelliGreen® technology.
  • Enjoy hands-free play with Intelligent Automation — Auto-Course Recognition, Auto-Hole Advance, and Auto-Distance Update
  • Record your scores and upload them to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud for post-round analysis
  • Track your distance, pace, and speed for any sport with the built-in odometer
  • Set a fitness goal and let the LINX GT track your steps, calories burned and distance walked against your goal.

What's Included - SkyCaddie LINX GT Tour Edition

  • SkyGolf LINX GT watch with 1 SmartTag
  • SkyCaddie Mobile
  • 1-Year SkyGolf 360 Premium membership plan
  • Charging cable 
  • Please note: The Tour Edition does not include club tags (SmartTags™). However, SkyCaddie LINX GT is compatible with SmartTag technology and when combined, provides you with the first golf GPS watch with shot tracking capability.