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P2 Aware Tour

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The Aware Tour is a midsize hybrid pistol grip with a gently rounded bottom and flat sides which sits squarely in the palms of your hands and features the patented off-center shaft design. The P2 Aware Tour grip through its shape and soft tacky texture is designed to improve the efficiency of your hand and wrist positions throughout the stroke while giving you the ultimate in putter face control. Our grips are designed, independently tested and proven to improve your accuracy by you striking putts from the sweetspot of the putter face more often.

Putter Grip Specifications

Grip Weight: 55g

The Aware Tour is a midsize hybrid pistol grip with flat sides that sit square in the palms of your hands and features the patented off-center shaft design.

The off-centre shaft design increases “ulnar deviation”, which visually is a more arched wrist position throughout the stroke. This works through the off-centre shaft design lifting the hands slightly higher at address. This position limits the wrist movement and places the shaft in a flush line with both forearms. With your wrists in this positon, the putter works as an extension of the lead arm. This effectively takes away the power from the hands and wrists and forces the bigger muscles of the upper body to control the putting stroke.

The flat sides are in a parallel plane to the putter face, making it impossible to grip the putter any other way but with the palms square to each other and the putter face, making the control and aim of the putter face far more consistent for you.

If you don’t control your hands, you won’t be able to control the putter face. The putter head does not move back/ forward/ up/down/ open/ closed without the influence of your hands…..try moving your putter without using your hands…..impossible isn’t it?

“Control Your Hands……Control Your Putter Face”