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GPO Compact Premium

GPO Compact Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder

£299.00 GBP £349.00 GBP

GPO (German Precision Optics) Compact Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder

- Distance measurement up to 1800m
- Incredibly fast 3x measurements per second
- Integrated dual 'PinSeeker' technology -  Tournament-legal slope correction
- Enlargement: 6x / High-LCD
- Accuracy up to 100m: +/- 1m
- Accuracy of more than 500m: +/-2.5m
- Visual Pinseeker
- Pinseeker Touch
- Battery: CR2 (included)
- Weight : 147gr
- Size: 94x76x33.8mm
- Cleaning cloth & hard case included

Hyperscan Mode with 3 Measurements per Second

Distance Measurement - Up to 1,800 Metres
The FLAGMASTER 1800 gives you the opportunity to measure a reflective object accurately and repeatedly up to a distance of 1,800 Metres*.
(*Maximum measuring distance depends on environmental conditions / reflectivity of the object)

Dual PinSeeker Technology
The FLAGMASTER 1800 combines two PinSeeker technologies in one product. If your golf course has flags with a prism or other reflective material, this reflector will be detected by the FLAGMASTER 1800. Likewise, flags with no reflective material are detected by using an additional technology, this means you can use the FLAGMASTER 1800 on all golf courses.

Slope Correction / Legal Indicator for Participation in Official Tournaments
With SLOPE mode activated, the FLAGMASTER 1800 calculates distance to the flag taking into account terrain angle.
You can switch off SLOPE mode and use the FLAGMASTER in official tournaments. Flashing ledís on the front of the FLAGMASTER indicate thet SLOPE mode is enabled.

Single-Handed Operation
The extremely handy, compact and lightweight housing allows comfortable one-handed operation. Thanks to its compact ergonomic design and low weight, the FLAGMASTER extremely easy to handle, especially also for female golfers.