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WinnPro X 1.18 Putter Grip

£19.99 GBP

Welcome to the new feel of putting. The new WinnPro X uses a less tapered profile than traditional designs to eliminate wrist movement during the stroke while still delivering that comfortable, tacky feel you've come to expect from Winn. WinnLite Technology is also utilised to minimise grip weight, enhance clubhead feel and provide stability during the putting stroke.

Slightly larger than a typical standard-sized putter grip and at only 54 grams, the 1.18" model uses Winn's comfortable, tacky Excel polymer for ultimate feel. The paddle-style profile eliminates wrist movement during the stroke.

Additional features;

  • Eliminates wrist movement during the putting stroke

  • Offers oversize grip benefits without losing clubhead feel.

  • Stabilises putting stroke for more consistency & made putts

  • More "feel" in the clubhead for a more consistent stroke

  • Extended Non-Tapered Profile